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Puntacana Rejuvenation Center founded and directed by the famous plastic surgeon Luis López Tallaj is the convergence of our 17 years of experience within the Aesthetic Plastic Surgery merged with the prevention of aging, under a concept of Integrative Medicine, making lifestyle changes, replacement or supplementation of bio-identical hormones, and non-invasive touch ups that immediately improve our appearance without surgery, through Facial Injectables with instant results, in the heart of Punta Cana, Punta Cana Professional Center, in the paradisiacal Caribbean.

Human Aging is Preventable since 30% is determined by the genetics of the person, while the remaining 70% will be determined by our lifestyle, being able to freeze the same with healthy habits, balanced and natural diets, periodic exercises, quality sleep and, early bio- identical hormone replacement.

Plastic Surgery in Punta Cana
Anti-Aging Clinic in Punta Cana

Key of anti-aging

The key to not aging is to keep yourself slim through a healthy lifestyle including eating, exercising, and quality sleep. A vital balance accompanied by a specialist in longevity that can also touch up your face for a better appearance.

Our procedures:

  • Glutathione IV
  • Bio-identical hormone replacement
  • Lipofilling (Fat grafting)
  • Dermalfillers
  • HydraFacial
  • Sclerotherapy
  • Aesthetic surgery

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Our procedures

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